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Nic Capelle


The relentless Aussie. DOP, recording engineer and music producer.
Rockton Road is a finely tuned machine run by a team of hard working artists.
Nic is at the helm to make sure the project gets done on time, to it's full potential and in high end fashion. 


Macy Lucarelli


One of the hardest working people on the planet.
Head of marketing, gifted drummer and ideas generator. Macy is the backbone to every great song, marketing campaign and video shoot coming out of Rockton Road.


Braedon Speakman


Mad genius and visionary. Incredibly gifted with his fingers firmly planted on the cutting edge. Film director, incredible singer and composer. Braedon has the gift of creating with true integrity and emotion, whilst delivering classic material that will live on for ever. He's the cherries in Rockton Road, the most delicious part of the pie.


Deb Littell

Casting Director/photographer

With an incredible eye for anything that stays still or moves, she’ll shoot it, cast it and direct it to its full potential.
Everything you see on Rockton Road that seamlessly works has had Debs creative flair on it in one way or another. Oh, and she sings her sweet little tosh off to some catchy Americana tunes as front woman when she’s not busting it on one of RR’s various creative campaigns.