Choose a Chunky Champion

The hugely successful Choose A Chunky Champion promotion landed on our desk and we got excited.

Starting with a TVC about our bumbling chunky heroes we the created a continued dialogue on Social Media about the promotion. People are fanatical about their favourite flavour, so we needed to harness this energy through voting mechanics, memes, content and ultimately announcing our Heroic Winner.

Our work enabled another successful campaign for Kit Kat.



After the madness comes the revival

Jammed to the rafters with sweaty 60's blues and soul with a gospel feel;  the big vocals and stomping beats make it nearly impossible not to unleash on the dance floor, like in the juke-joint days of old.


Through the eyes of the people

Photography that captures the moment is what we are all about. There are definitely those moments where an image needs to be art directed, massaged and perfected, but we are more about the energy, vibe and heart of a shot as way of telling the story. 


Affect culture from the ground up

Lucozade is the original energy drink. But with a market saturated with competitor products, they needed to readdress the brand and shake things up. With a repositioning as a lifestyle drink and products ranging from hard core sports supplements through to recovery from the night before, Lucozade aimed to add edge and street appeal to their offering.

Our task was to activate the re-brand through all digital channels with engagement at the core. This included a beefy brand website, rich user experience through Facebook and YouTube as well as mobile apps,online apps, promotions, competitions and user generated content.

The result… An undeniable association with music, over 4.2 million channel views within the first few months of launch and over 400,000 active fans on Facebook.

2012 Marketing Week Engage Awards
Best FMCG brand – Winner
2011 DADI Awards
Consumer products campaign – Winner
2011 IVCA Awards
Festival communication – Winner
2011 The Lovie Awards
Social media marketing – Commendation
2011 BIMA Awards
Community – Finalist
2011 BIMA Awards
Multi-platform – Finalist


A moment in time

Rockton Road's own award winning Sally Peterson is our editorial photographer. Her reputation precedes itself having worked with some of the biggest brands the world has to offer. Awards include 2 Graphis Photo Annual Gold Awards 2009, American Photography 20, American Photography 24.


Londons' star rising over LA

Rockton Road had the pleasure of working with rising star Desi Valentine. We shot the video for his debut single 'Asylum'. Rockton Road also co wrote the tune and mixed this live version of it.


Watch Taryn Manning Party With Seniors in Dreaming Bull's 'Smile On Your Face' Video

Dreaming Bull's "Smile On Your Face" sounds like it could be a huge hit, and it's got a music video that's a party in itself. 

Join Orange Is the New Black's Taryn Manning as she visits her grandma in a retirement home, just in time for an impromptu performance from the garage-soul band. Fans of Fitz & the Tantrums and the Black Keys, take notice.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 9.06.38 am.png

When good times go bad and shit gets crazy

If Mad Revival were to go by any other name it would be “Spitfire,” not only in terms of the energy of the group’s live performance but the succinct style of their musical compositions.

"Oh Lord" is the feature single off their debut album "After the Madness Comes the Revival".

Rockton Road created an epic music video filmed in the iconic 1960s time capsule house, which is a tale of caution and riotous good times.

For more Mad Revival head to


Gaspar Cassado suite for solo cello

Simone has toured North America, Europe, and her original country of South Africa. She has also played with Burt Bacharach and Rod Stewart; appeared in commercials, television, video games and radio broadcasts.